Spanish in Real life

At Spanish & Valencia I know how important it is to practiceIMG_20170522_231128_resized_20170522_111203633 language in real situations. You can combine your Spanish classes with any daily activity. This means you choose the context in which you want to practice your Spanish.


How do we do it ?

By having a 1 hour Spanish lesson in the classroom and 1 hour of Spanish in real situations.

Or we can do a daily activity of 1 or 2 hours completely outside the classroom.  

What kind of activities can we do?

 Whatever you choose, but always in Spanish.

For example we can go:

  • Shopping.
  • To a real estate agent.
  • Visit an exhibition or a monument
  • Do a sports activity
  • Have coffee or a glass of wine…

Why will this be interesting to you?

Because I will be with you at all times correcting your mistakes. This will help you gain confidence and you will see that gradually you are able to communicate in every situation.



Mondays to Fridays:
18 € for hour

 24 € for hour

* The student will be responsible for the payment of all ‘extras’ such as the price of entrances, activities, food and drink …

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