On-line & Blended Spanish Lessons

On-line Spanish Lessons
Spanish&Valencia provides on-line Spanish lessons, available 7 days a week at times that suit you from your home or office.

Our on-line Spanish curriculum is specially designed for students learning Spanish as a foreign language.

Spanish&Valencia on-line Spanish lessons classes are divided into two parts: first the student works independently through the Edmodo platform where you can find free e-learning resources, asupport forum where you cancontact other students at the same level and directemail which maintains personal contact with your tutor that will solve all your issues. And secondly customised via Skype where you can practice your oral skills with a native tutor for 50 min a week.

We also offer a blended Spanish lessons. That enables you to access the Edmodo platform with classroom assistance in individualised tutoring 50 min a week.

Besides Spanish&Valencia offer on-line speaking  practice that helps improve your speaking practice skills.

Classes are booked in blocks of a minimum of 4 hours.



30€ –>50min Skype or classorrom individualised tutorin + acces the Edmodo platform

17€–> 1 hour on-line speaking  practice